The FDI Mediation Moot 2022 will be held online from Friday, 25 March to Sunday, 27 March 2022. Two days of general rounds will be followed by one day of semi-final and final rounds. Twenty-four student negotiating teams will represent either investors or states in negotiations. Each negotiating team will comprise a party representative and a legal counsel. Twelve student mediators will assist the negotiating teams. The student mediators will act in co-mediation with experienced mediators.

Participants must be registered as full-time or part-time students on the dates of the competition. Only law students may act as legal counsel. Students who have practiced as mediators or lawyers are ineligible. Those who are qualified to practice law in any jurisdiction are not normally eligible. However, students who have qualified to practice law solely by virtue of completing their undergraduate law studies without a further qualifying examination are able to participate.

Additional details can be found in the competition rules, which can be accessed here.




  • Co-mediation with students and experienced mediators
  • Mediations arising before, during, and after arbitration
  • Fair-price registration fee based on Human Development Index
  • Mediations of claims, arbitral procedures, award enforcement, and treaty interpretation