The number of arbitrations between investors and the states where they invest has risen steadily over the past three decades. Mediation of investment disputes may be more efficient, private, and productive. Mediation can otherwise compliment arbitration by clarifying disputes or narrowing the scope of arbitration by resolving some claims.

The FDI Mediation Moot seeks to promote understanding about international investment mediation and to explore its potential. Students compete as negotiators and mediators in a series of mediations related to a hypothetical investment. The competition problems are based on the FDI Moot case. Teams with the highest scores progress through elimination rounds leading to a final round before a live and online audience.

Teams and students with the highest scores will be recognized and awarded prizes. However, like mediation, the moot sets its sights beyond winning and losing to the long-term interests of participants. Students will have the opportunity to join the FDI Mediation Moot Mentoring Program, which pairs participating students with experienced mediators who assist with skills assessments and career planning.